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Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas which is used in a wide range of applications where oxygen may be harmful to the product or processes. Nitrogen generators use regular compressed air to deliver a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen - offering a cost effective and reliable alternative to the use of cylinder or liquid nitrogen across a wide range of applications.

The advanced nano N2 range of nitrogen generators use integrated Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) drying cartridges to provide dehydration of the compressed air prior to separation. This innovative patented feature eliminates the need for a separate desiccant dryer - saving up to 20% purge loss, significantly reducing capital and installation costs and reducing overall pressure drop by 10 psig or more over traditional nitrogen generation systems.

A few of the many industries making the switch to nano N2 nitrogen generators includes;

  • food (MAP)
  • beverage (bottling)
  • plastics (PET)
  • pharmaceutical (product transfer)
  • chemicals (blanketing)
  • laser metal cutting (burring reduction)
  • fire prevention (eliminating combustion)
  • electronics (wave soldering)

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