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We never compromise on delivering quality air compressor maintenance service to our customers!

The compressed air required to operate your business is your fourth utility, fully as essential to your facility as fuel, electricity and water. The unique characteristic of compressed air is that you generate it yourself. You cannot buy it from a utility source. This means that you are responsible for the maintenance and operation of your compressed air equipment to ensure that your fourth utility has the same degree of reliability as the other three.

To assist you in this vital function, Compressor World BOSTON offers Preventive Maintenance Service Agreements in which our trained service personnel will monitor your compressed air equipment and provide you with a written report of its conditions. We will also make minor adjustments and recommend repairs of modifications to increase the reliability of the equipment.

Our maintenance agreements can be set on Monthly, Quarterly or Bi Annual Service Agreements.



At Compressor World BOSTON, we only hire factory-trained, highly skilled technicians to staff our Service Department. So whether we are providing field repair and installation services, computer-tracked preventative maintenance programs, or energy audits for our environmentally-conscious customers, you can be assured that you will receive nothing short of prompt, professional, 24-hour emergency air compressor service that is certain to exceed your expectations.


We've built a solid reputation over the years in providing a range of air compressor repair and maintenance services to diverse industries to include:

Automotive - Construction - Medical - Industrial - Municipal…and many others.



Go Green! Reduce costs, inefficiencies, and consumption with an energy audit of your air compressor. Involves air compressor leak detection to determine where your company can save across the board.

Utility Companies offer energy efficient rebates on new compressed air systems. Contact one of our agents to discuss this opportunity and how we can help you maximized energy savings while maximizing available utility rebates.

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Compressor World BOSTON has a seasoned sales staff that is available to help your company find the best compressor, pump or vacuum system for your facility. The bottom line is Compressor World business model is straight forward, providing superior customer service, stocking large quantities for quick shipments while offering the best price!



Compressor World BOSTON offers a turnkey solution when it comes to compressed air, pumps and vacuum installations.






Compressor World BOSTON offers Infinity aluminum air piping. Infinity piping offers the performance of heavy, traditional steel piping, at the cost of systems using plastic. Its revolutionary lock-and-seal design ensures a totally safe, leak-free system for all compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. The solid brass, nickel-plated fittings make the system easy to use and install. Infinity’s powder-coated aluminum pipes are so light that they can be handled and installed by one person. There’s no welding, gluing or threading; a simple pipe cutter and de-burring tool are the only tools required.

With six different piping sizes, Infinity is a sure fit for virtually any industrial and OEM application!

• Leak-Free connectors provide an immediate, unbreakable seal

• Lightweight piping remains unaffected by contaminants in the air

• Fittings can be disconnected and reconnected for reuse



Service involves high level of inspection to determine cause of equipment failure. Our service goes above and beyond with our free oil sampling. Our air compressor lubricants can with stand the most punishing temperatures and pressures.

Oil analysis is a valuable tool for determining the condition of lubricating oil and the equipment it lubricates. It is best used as a trending process — not a one-time event.

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Compressor World BOSTON offers OEM and aftermarket part pricing for all major brands. OEM parts are used for all machines still under warranty.

Stocking compressor oil, inlet filters, belts, safety valves, electronic auto drains and much more.